He Broke Off Their Engagement After She Admitted To Having Had An Abortion At 19

The woman (a family friend) introduced a junior colleague (they both work in the same firm) to one of her clients who was looking to settle down quickly in marriage. He didn’t want a long engagement. They both took to each other immediately and true to his words they got engaged after a three month courtship. They followed it up with an introduction; a small event between both families. Two weeks ago they went to take some medical tests. They already knew each other’s Genotype and are compatible but an official confirmation was needed. On their way home, he began to preach about the importance of honesty in a relationship.

He went on to reveal that two of his ex-girlfriends had abortions for him. He then asked her if she has ever had an abortion. He assured her that he wouldn’t mind if the answer is YES after all his exes are married with children. She admitted to having terminated a pregnancy at 19 but it was a safe abortion.

To her surprise, he took the revelation well. Everything was the same until last week when his attitude suddenly changed. He stopped calling her, picking her calls, ignored her BBM messages. Even his older brother and two sisters whom she had become close to also began to avoid her. To cut the long story short, he called off the engagement because he doesn’t want to marry a girl that has had an abortion.

My family friend(the matchmaker) is furious but mainly because of what she termed the girl’s ‘naivety’ and ‘stupidity’. Who admits to such things? she asked. Was the girl really naïve and stupid? Was she just being honest about her medical history?