PHOTO: Man Spends Six Years In Ikoyi Prison For An Offence He Didn’t Commit

Saka Adebola, a 35-year-old bricklayer from Kogi State, is a sad man. With a sombre look, he trudged into the conference room of the church where he was meeting with the reporter that hot afternoon.
“This world is wicked,” he said as he took his seat. “I pray that no one that I know will suffer for a crime he didn’t commit.”

The young man claimed he spent close to six years at the Ikoyi Prison for a crime he never committed. Adebola described himself as a victim of circumstance. He was charged with the murder of Jide Moses, a fellow bricklayer at the New Market Settlement Area, Oniru Estate, Lekki phase 1, Victoria Island.

He was alleged to have stabbed the deceased in the stomach with a broken bottle during a fight.

But according to him, he was wrongly attacked and inflicted with a deep head wound while trying to protect a food vendor and her baby from being harmed. He said he was sad that the young man died from the scuffle, but he insisted he would always stand up in defence of any woman or child whose life is being threatened