What Would you Do If Your Realize Your Spouse Conned You Into Marriage? (Read A True Life Story)

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My name is Christiana and I have been married for three years now but shortly after my marriage, I discovered that my husband, Adebayo, is not what he made me believe he was.

I met Bayo after a man I had dated for six years and had hoped to settle down with got married to another woman without my knowledge. I only got to know about the wedding two weeks after when a friend told me about it.

I was so hurt and I needed a shoulder to lean on and that was when I met Bayo at a church programme. He told me he was a working for a top politician in Abuja as a Special Assistant. He drove a Range Rover car and seemed to be who he said he was.

When I visited him in Abuja, he lodged me in an expensive hotel and seemed to be doing very well. Six months later, we got married and that was the mistake I made because when we went to my village in the eastern part of the country for our introduction, I was actually the one who sponsored the trip and even bought the drinks we used.
When my family gave him the traditional marriage list, Bayo said it was too expensive and could not go ahead with it. He suggested we had a church wedding and later do the traditional marriage and because I was desperate, I agreed.

Even at that, I sponsored almost 90% of the church wedding. After the wedding, he refused to allow me go and live with him in Abuja and instead, insisted I got an apartment in Lagos. He only gave me N50,000 for the rent and I provided over N250,000 to complete the balance.

To compound the issue, I later found out that Bayo is a secondary school leaver (he had told me he was a graduate of LASU), and that he is a mere houseboy to the Special Assistant to the politician. The hotel he lodged me when I visited him in Abuja belonged to his boss.
I wouldn’t have minded the deceit that much but he has turned out to be a brute who beats me at every provocation and above all, I am the one feeding him and his family members. I want out. What should I do?


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