VP Osinbajo: “Nigeria To Soon Reduce Petrol Pump Price”


Nigeria’s Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has revealed that the government is working on a medium-term reduction of the pump price of petroleum products.

According to him, the Muhammadu Buhari administration is working on ensuring that private refineries work, while reducing importation of refined petroleum. “We are unbundling the NNPC so that its various components are effective core centres and are able to do their business well,” he told Bloomberg in an interview.

He said the government was going to reduce the role of the NNPC to its main objective of regulating the sector and ensure a reduction of pump price of petroleum products.

“We are going to have private refineries at the site of the old refineries, so they can benefit from the available infrastructure.

“We think that in the medium term, we would be able to get cheaper pump price, pump price of oil would be cheaper because we would be importing far less fine petroleum. A lot of that would be produced locally.

“Now, we have well over 30 modular refineries, so we think a lot of modular refineries would come. Many of them, their major concern is feed stock, are we going to be guaranteed feed stock?

“We are working on that. Once we are able to deal with that, we think that we would be able to reduce pump price and get the whole business of importation of refined petroleum and the NNPC getting directly involved; we are going to reduce that.

“The ultimate objective of course is to have NNPC regulatory, playing a more regulatory function as the private sector takes most of the downstream.”

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