Floforte – Safe Peer-2-Peer Donation System

Double Your Funds with the Power of Team Work!

Floforte, a Peer to Peer Donation System built perfectly with the most advanced Technology to make peer to peer donation swift, reliable and robust.

With a well thought out system at hand, it is save to say; Floforte Limited, a U.K. Based Technology company (view certificate on our website) is the new leading platform in the PONZI WORLD TAKING A NEW DIMENSION…
DONT BE LEFT OUT, increase your earnings by 100% in 1 to 21days.


??‍?GSM and Email Verification
??‍?Compulsory Activation Pin (NO RECOMMITMENT)
??‍?Secured Site
??‍?Anty Cyber beggars
??‍?247 Support/Group Admin/ePin Vendors
??‍?Advanced merging technology
??‍?10% referral bonus

NOW WHATS THE WAIT FOR? visit and register through this link https://floforte.com/register


This step is put in to weed out intenet/cyber beggers, time wasters and unserious people.
We only welcome participants and true participants will contact a vendor to purchare activation pin.

To become a member and enjoy the benefits you must purchase a PIN.

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