Big Brother Naija Star, TBoss Regrets Going To BBNaija

Controversial 2017 Big Brother Nigeria star, Tboss is looking back at how far she has come, the hatred she endured after the show ended.

Recall that the hatred grew following the s*xu@l assault scandal that saw housemate Kemen getting evicted, and weeks after she returned, many people refused to agree that she was assaulted;  others said she gave ‘Kemen’ the green light.

Other instances of criticism came when she revealed that she was previously getting hit on by folks who fly private jets. That comment earned the ex-housemate major roasting on social media as folks perceived that to be some sort of bragging. But Tboss recently boarded a private jet to go watch a match in Uyo, shutting down her haters.

She said

“I was banned from reading comments, blogs & articles but late at night whilst everyone slept, I would read. Read, read & cry & cry & ask myself WHY did I ever go into d BBN house,” the reality TV star said today on her page, adding, “I regretted it. All of it, cos truth be told, I didn’t get why the hate??? I still don’t but now it doesn’t even matter.”

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